Manicouagan, Québec, Canada (51°23'N, 68°42'W)

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

This satellite view clearly shows the Manicouagan impact site. The ring is developed in impact breccias that were eroded by glaciation and have subsequently been flooded. The circular structure is 70 km in diameter, but the impact site is approximately 100 km wide. Impact shock structures are well developed in the surrounding bedrock of the Canadian Shield. Since this crater is slightly over 200 million years old, the original rim has been removed by erosion. Also on the picture is the Sudbury impact site, as well as Wanapitei crater (not indicated, but close to Sudbury). Another recent impact is the Nouveau Québec crater (Chubb crater) which is just off the top of the image in northernmost Québec.

Satellite image of the Manicouagan impact site