A picture for the future

Donna Strickland in a lab

At the University of Waterloo, we pride ourselves on identifying and solving big, complex challenges facing humanity and our planet.

What would the future look like if we solved them all? 

We opened our consultation sessions by asking our community for their vision of the future. We know we cannot predict the future, but we are confident about our ability to help shape it for future generations. This is what you shared with us:

  • Societies are just and fair.
  • Governments and institutions uphold their duties and have rebuilt trust with the public.
  • Humans live healthier, longer lives.
  • The survival of plants and animals, on land and in water, is ensured.
  • Natural resources are protected and equitably distributed.
  • The threat of climate change is a distant memory.
  • Technology evolves responsibly as it continues to enable advancements for humanity.
  • There is enough economic prosperity for all, and everyone has equal access to opportunity to reach their full potential.

In short, humanity is thriving and so is our planet.

Given today’s state of the world this vision may appear a distant hope.

But together we can strive towards it with partners in our community and around the world. We can harness the unique strengths of our institution to prepare our students, the leaders of tomorrow, and equip them with the skills and experiences necessary for a rapidly changing world.

Call us dreamers, but at the University of Waterloo we’ve been known as doers for more than 65 years. We can help make these dreams a reality.

Triangle and circle