Meng Zhu


Research interest

Application of Real World Evidence (RWE) in Oncology, immigrant health and its contributing factors (e.g. health literacy, health numeracy, language, and social and cultural factors), evidence summarization by conducting scoping reviews and systematic reviews.


Master of Science candidate in Public Health and Health Systems

PhD in Pathogenic Organisms

Bachelor of Medicine

Current research

Systematic reviews on immigrant health and its contributing factors

RWE in Oncology


Meng is a young professional with a solid medical education background. He went to a medical school in China in 2003 and was awarded the bachelor degree of medicine (MD equivalent) in 2008. Later, he received his doctoral degree (PhD in Pathogenic Organisms) from a five-year Master-PhD joint program at Peking University.

Meng also possesses work experiences in both academia and industry. He was employed as a postdoctoral research fellow by Vanderbilt University in the United States (2013 - 2015) researching on inherited neuropathy. Later, he was invited to join a healthcare assessment IT company in China who collaborated with hospitals in different regions of China to improve healthcare quality by accessing most effective ways of health service delivery, spotting medical errors(s) in physicians’ clinical behaviours, and offering suggestions for decision making for patients in hospitalization and after discharge.

Currently, Meng is a Master candidate in public health and health systems at the University of Waterloo.