Our team

Helen Chen

Research Supervisor

Research interest: Health informatics, translational research in healthcare and medicine, health system integration, semantic interoperability, healthcare decision making and decision support, health data analytics, medical imaging informatics and patient safety.

Ian McKillop

Research Supervisor

Research interest: Information management with a particular focus on data quality, security and performance management issues found in high-availability, mission-critical systems. Such systems are commonly used in banking, as well as in healthcare which leads to my interest in the broad field of health informatics.

Rena Yang

PhD student

Research interest: AI and machine learning in public health, data science, data-driven evidence-based public health decision making and decision support, health technology assessment and economic evaluation on mobile health (mHealth) interventions.

Guangxia Meng

PhD student

Research interest: Health informatics in transitional care and preventative care, especially health technology assessment in-home monitoring in secondary stroke prevention.

Sujan Subendran

Master's student

Research interest: Application of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to analyze clinical notes and text-based documents in healthcare. 

Research interest: Epidemiologist, research methodology, clinical procedures and management, health technology assessment, evaluation and outcome, population health, health systems.

Meng Zhu


Research interest: Application of Real World Evidence (RWE) in Oncology, immigrant health and its contributing factors (e.g., health literacy, health numeracy, language, and social and cultural factors), evidence summarization by conducting scoping reviews and systematic reviews.

Research interest: Health informatics, health data information management, usability, UI design, computer-human interactions, data analytics, big healthcare data, system designs and requirement specification.

Research interest: Data mining, machine learning, biostatistics, health informatics, Health Information Systems (HIS) and decision making in health care.