If your WatIAM account has been locked, please contact helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca or your Faculty IT helpdesk to regain access.

University of Waterloo Identity and Access Management (WatIAM)

WatIAM usernames are used by Quest, WaterlooWorks, Learn, myHRinfo, Office 365 email and many other campus systems. You can manage your username and password using the WatIAM system.

Search WatIAMsearch

Campus People Directory

  • A search service available to the University of Waterloo permanent and contract employees.
  • This service allows users to search by username and email address in addition to others.

Manage your accountmanage your account

Claim your identity

  • For new student users to obtain a username and password to log in to applications like Quest, myHRinfo, WaterlooWorks, Learn, Portal and many other services, including WatIAM itself. 

Forgotten username

  • If you have an identity and have entered an email address, but forget the username, request to have your username sent to you.
  • If the email address you enter matches the email we have on file, the system will send your username to that email address.

Forgotten password

  • To reset your password you must supply your username and an external email address.
  • If the external email address entered matches one of the email addresses on an account correlated to the claimed username, and the username on that identity matches the username supplied by the user, the system will send an email to the supplied email address with a link that will allow you to set a new password for the identity.

Set a chosen/preferred first name

Change your password

  • Log in to WatIAM to change your password.

Add password recovery email address

  • Log in to WatIAM to add or update your password recovery email.

Common WatIAM account issuesexclamation point

Problems with your password?

  • Passwords are case sensitive - ensure that your keyboard 'Caps Lock' isn't on.
  • You can check your password by logging into WatIAM. If it works here, but not with an application (such as Quest) then it's a problem with that application. Check for support contacts on that application's home page.
  • If you have forgotten your password, see instructions above.

Problems with your account?