Manage your account, username, password

Manage account

  1. Claim your identity

  2. Set your chosen/preferred first name

    • Log in to WatIAM to set a chosen/preferred first name.
  3. Add password recovery email address

    • Log in to WatIAM to add or update your password recovery email to ensure you do not get locked out of the campus systems.

Manage your username or password

  • Change your password

    • Log in to WatIAM to change your password.
  • Forgotten username

  • Forgotten password

    • You must supply your username and an external email address to reset your password.
    • WatIAM will send an email to the supplied email address with a link that will allow you to set a new password for the identity if:
      • the external email address entered matches one of the email addresses on an account correlated to the claimed username, and
      • the username on that identity matches the username supplied by the user.

Common WatIAM account issues

  • Problems with your password?

    • Passwords are case sensitive - ensure that your keyboard 'Caps Lock' isn't on.
    • You can check your password by logging into WatIAM. If it works here, but not with an application (such as Quest) then it's a problem with that application. Check for support contacts on that application's home page.
    • If you have forgotten your password, see instructions above.
  • Problems with your account?