There's More to Come...

Thank you for a wonderful WatITis 2023 conference!

The 21st annual WatITis conference will take place on Wednesday, December 4th, 2024.  The WatITis committee has already begun preparing for another exciting conference.

Links to videos of recorded sessions can be found on the Sessions 2023 page.

If you have any questions about WatITis, or are interested in joining the planning committee, please email watitis@uwaterloo.ca.

The registration booth of a past WatITis conference.  There is a large WatITis banner, WatITis volunteers behind the booth, and participants in front of the booth picking up their name tags.


If you have any questions about WatITis, please contact the planning committee co-chairs, Sergei Bobkin and Jordan Barnartt.