WATonoBus mobile app and schedule

WATonoBus app

The WATonoBus app is designed to help users see current location of the WATonoBus in real time along the Ring Road. The user can view and plan the nearest bus stop to catch the bus. There are five WATonoBus stops around the Ring Road. The user can also search any location on campus (building name, coffee shop, restaurant, etc..). Upon user destination search, the following polylines will be displayed on the map:

  • The walking path to nearest bus stop
  • The bus driving route
  • The walking path to destination from nearest bus stop

The app shows a side menu with following pages:

  • Schedule page: Users can check the bus schedule or get a link to bus schedule from this page
  • Settings page: Users have option to change map type from standard map to satellite view
  • About page: Users can read a brief description about the WATonoBus project

The following is a demo video on how to use the app:

Remote video URL