Welcome to Waterloo Women Leading Academia (WWLA)

light bulbWaterloo Women Leaading Academia is student-run initiative created to connect women in academia and to empower them in their day-to-day lives. The mission of WWLA is to encourage women to be leaders in their personal and professional spheres in order to inspire the next generation of women in academia.

In order to do so, we have created a mentorship programme that directly connects mentors and mentees. We also run outreach events around leadership and skill building as well as run a monthly blog to share stories of women in academia (ranging from experiences of undergraduate students to Faculty members).

WWLA is an inclusive community that will help build a community among women and others at the University of Waterloo and is welcoming of all, regardless of their gender, orientation or background. This is a community that is open to those of any faculty or department at the University of Waterloo - we are especially looking to build more interdepartmental connections that encourage robust research or personal networks and creates a better support system for women in academia!

  1. Feb. 4, 2021Memorable Mentorship Experiences in Academia: Goretty Dias
    Goretty Dias

    People always say that a mentor is a wise and trusted counsellor that helps one through life’s challenges and opens the door to opportunities. Most often we look to those older than us for this wisdom, but sometimes we can also find it among our peers. As I look back on my academic life, I have been very fortunate to have had guidance from such mentors

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