Our team

Amelia Clarke headshotProfessor Amelia Clarke - principal investigator

Professor Amelia Clarke is the co-creator and principal investigator of the Youth and Innovation Research Project, a tenured professor at the University of Waterloo, and the Master of Environment and Business (MEB) program director. At the age of 23, she founded the Sierra Youth Coalition, a national youth environmental group. She holds a PhD in Management from McGill University. She has an active research program on youth engagement, over 25 publications, and has made hundreds of presentations to academic and non-academic audiences. 

Twitter - @DrAmeliaClarke

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Ilona Dougherty wearing scarfIlona Dougherty - managing director

Ilona is the co-creator and managing director of the Youth & Innovation Project at the University of Waterloo. She is an award winning social innovator and a regular commentator in the Canadian media who advises business, civil society and government on how they can tap into the value and unique abilities of young people. She has extensive leadership and governance experience having co-founded several organizations including Apathy is Boring, a Canadian non-partisan charitable organization that educates youth about democracy and encourages them to vote. She was named an Ashoka Fellow in 2009 and one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada by the Women’s Executive Network in 2015.

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Miha AlamMiha Alam - research and administrative assistant 

Miha is currently pursuing a Master's degree called Master's of Development Practices at University of Waterloo. She majored in Economics from Bryn Mawr College (USA) for her Undergraduate Studies. Her international upbringing and internships with non-profit organizations and consulting companies have been key factors in cultivating her strong interest in development studies.