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May 30, 2014 Waterloo physicist wins national award for photonics research Physics and Astronomy Professor Melanie Campbell

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) and the Institute national d’optique have awarded Professor Melanie Campbell the 2014 CAP-INO Medal for Outstanding Achievement in App

May 9, 2014 Telescope promises new insight into ancient galaxies Artist rendition of the Cerro Chajnantor Atacama Telescope.

Michel Fich, a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the Faculty of Science, is leading a group of eight Canadian universities in an international effort to build CCAT – a $150-million

May 1, 2014 Minds in motion Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam sample exam

Thousands of senior high school students from around the world are writing the 46th Annual Sir Isaac Newton (SIN) Exam today. Run out of Waterloo’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, SIN is the oldest physics prize exam for high school students.