Fewer specialists, doctors, nurses in rural Canada means AI will play a larger role

By Cody MacKay 

CBC News

There won't be androids rushing through hospitals or drones hovering to triage patients just yet, but artificial intelligence is starting to make the rounds when it comes in health care in Canada.

As the technology evolves and becomes more mainstream, while staying firmly behind the computer monitor, experts say rural Canadians may have the most to gain.

Dr. Alex Wong is the Canada Research Chair for Artificial Intelligence.

While he says the country at large will benefit from AI making health care work more efficient, rural Canadians will see "an even greater impact" as the science helps doctors, nurses and specialists in regions with fewer staff.

"Resources are even more limited … that's where AI can really come in place," Wong said. "When you see a doctor on a computer, they're looking at images, records and data. Now you have this additional AI that provides additional insights and information."

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