TRuST Scholarly Network hosts conversations on the transformational impact of artificial intelligence, big data and innovating responsibly

By Jordan Flemming

University Relations

The University of Waterloo, in collaboration with the Perimeter Institute, hosted the TRuST Scholarly Network’s Conversations on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a dynamic and engaging discussion that delved into the societal impact of AI. The event was also supported by the Waterloo AI Institute, which is dedicated to developing human-centered AI for social good, fostering trust with industry partners, and scaling responsible solutions to enhance lives.

With the growing influence and evolution of AI and big data, the event explored the ethical considerations surrounding these technologies and addressed concerns about confidence in and potential risks associated with these technologies — especially when used in research and innovation.

The Trust in Research Undertaken in Science and Technology (TRuST) scholarly network brings together researchers and practitioners from across disciplines to improve communication with the public and build trust in science and technology. TRuST aims to understand the lack of trust in science and technology and to support ethically earning and sustaining trust in these domains.

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