Artemis Data has raised $2 million in pre-seed funding to make data cleaning 50 times faster

By Naomi Grosman


To build artificial intelligence you need droves of data. But if your data isn’t clean, the intelligence it produces won’t be either. AI systems learn from the data they are trained on, so any errors or inconsistencies in the data can lead to incorrect or unreliable outcomes. According to IBM, data scientists spend around 80 per cent of their time cleaning and organizing data, highlighting the importance of clean data in AI development.  

Velocity-linked startup Artemis Data has built software to make the data cleaning process fast and efficient and has raised $2 million in pre-seed funding to expand its team and onboard users. Pre-seed funding is the initial capital raised by a startup, to fund operations and product development. Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, led this funding round with participation from Telegraph Hill Capital, Ripple Ventures and other angel investors.

The startup says its product automates the process of cleaning data, significantly enhancing the efficiency of data teams and making the data cleaning process 50 times faster than traditional methods.

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