Researchers develop AI-powered radar technology to monitor drivers’ cardiovascular and respiratory systems

By: Media Relations

Inspired by the medical bay of the USS Enterprise from “Star Trek”, a research team from the University of Waterloo uses radar technology to monitor people’s health while at the wheel, turning an ordinary car or truck into a mobile medical hub.

Dr. George Shaker, an adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, is working with a team of graduate students to integrate radar with evolving vehicle technology to make health checks easier. The idea is to use the time people spend in their cars to gather data on their health for accurate analysis and proactive treatment — without the need for any type of wearable.

The radar, smaller than a USB thumb drive, is integrated into the vehicle cabin and sends out signals that detect human vibrations, which are then sent back to the radar. The built-in AI system collects and analyzes the data to build a medical picture and identify any potential conditions. At the end of the driver’s commute, the system sends the report directly to their cell phone for review.

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