About the Associate Vice-President, Academic

Professor David DeVidi

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Professor DeVidi completed his BA at Carleton, and both his MA and PhD at Western. He first arrived in the Department of Philosophy in 1994 as a postdoctoral fellow, and subsequently joined on as a faculty member in 1996. A scholar of philosophy, Professor DeVidi’s research focuses on logic, the philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of disability. Earning his appointment as full professor in 2007, he has led or been involved with numerous departmental, Faculty, and University-level initiatives, and his service to the community has included a variety of roles: as department chair (2012-18), associate chair of graduate studies (2003-09), three terms as a member of Senate, two terms as a member of the Board of Governors, and a term as president of the faculty association. He is a winner of the University’s Award of Excellence for Graduate Supervision and the Equity and Inclusivity Award.

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Links to Study: "Creating Housing Options for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and High, Complex Needs"