Teaching at Waterloo - Innovation

At Waterloo, teaching innovation takes multiple forms, including a Beta version of the Teaching Innovation Incubator, support for educational research, an annual teaching and learning conference, and efforts to redesign classrooms for flexibility and active learning.

Empty chairs in a lecture room

Teaching & Learning Spaces

The Teaching & Learning Spaces team plans classroom updates that support active and flexible learning.

Scrabble tiles spelling out "Why not try"

Teaching Innovation Incubator

The Teaching Innovation Incubator (TII) supports new Beta projects while the TII project team completes consultations.

Four people collaborating with laptop computers at a table, smiling

Teaching and learning research

Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement grants provide funding for teaching and learning research.

Large room filled with adults seated at tables, interacting. A speaker stands at a podium at the front of the room.

Teaching and Learning Conference

At Waterloo's annual teaching and learning conference, colleagues share practices, experiences, and research.