Teaching at Waterloo - Strategic projects

The University of Waterloo has a number of ongoing institutional projects designed to support and enhance aspects of teaching and learning and, "empower students to leverage diverse learning experiences by creating more flexible learning pathways" (Strategic Plan, 2020-2025). These projects are led by cross-unit teams comprising staff, faculty, and students. In many cases, project teams conduct extensive consultations with stakeholders.

Credentials Framework

Credentials Framework

Waterloo currently offers courses that lead to academic credentials and courses that offer professional development. The Credentials Framework team is exploring new alternatives.


Teaching Innovation Incubator (TII)

The TII team is developing recommendations for the development of a hub where Waterloo instructors can experiment with and collaborate around bold and transformative teaching ideas.

Digital Learning Strategy-2

Digital Learning Strategy

The Digital Learning Strategy team is developing a comprehensive framework for the conditions required to support the future of digital instruction and program design at Waterloo.