Will Percival receives Canadian Space Agency Grant

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Prof Will Percival was recently awarded a 2-year grant by the Canadian Space Agency to support his work for the Euclid satellite mission. The grant, worth approximately 60k CAD will allow Prof Percival and members of his research group to travel to Consortium meetings and to undertake work preparing to analyse the data from the mission. Euclid is an international project, led by the European Space Agency, with significant interest from a number of international partners including Canada, and is planned for launch in 2022. The Euclid mission aims at understanding why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating and what is the nature of the source responsible for this acceleration, which physicists refer to as Dark Energy. Prof Percival is one of the science coordinators for this project, and co-leads the working group that will use galaxy clustering to make these cosmological measurements. More information about the Euclid project can be found here: https://www.euclid-ec.org/

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