Shireen Aslam

MES, Planning
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As a student coming from a background in psychology, I have always had an interest in studying the relationship between motivation and human behaviour. As I have learned more about the problems related to climate change and sustainability, I have grown passionate to understand how we can promote more sustainable behaviour and minimize our impact on the environment.

My current research examines the relationship between climate change risk perceptions amongst local planning officials and the implementation of climate-related policies. I hope to better understand how perceived severity of, and susceptibility to climate change impacts may influence one’s intentions to act and actual behaviour.

As planners, I believe we play a critical role in shaping our cities in the interest of sustainability and that we can shape our communities to promote ideals of water conservation, energy efficiency and alternative transportation. With my strong background in research and increasing fascination for the planning discipline, I hope to pursue a career in this field which will allow me to get at the heart of the human-environment interaction.