WCMS 12 Days of Christmas | Day 4 - four key Active Directory groups

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
by Natasha Jennings

Four key Active Directory groups

For webforms and sites that have been configured to require authentication, one of the best ways to control access to certain audiences is to specify Active Directory groups (in WCMS 2, we called these Nexus groups, but the source is the same). For example:

  • Limit to alumni by using IdM-alumni
  • Limit to faculty by using IdM-HR-faculty
  • Limit to staff by using IdM-HR-employee while preventing access to IdM-HR-faculty
  • Limit to students by using IdM-SA-student

If you want to limit things more specifically, talk to your area’s computing support staff about what you are trying to do. A security group for your use case may already exist, and they can provide you with the name, or, arrange to have a new one created for you. Need a hand setting up the groups? Connect with the IST Service Desk who can lend a hand.