Affiliated groups

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Climate Risk Research Group (CRRG)

The CRRG is an interdisciplinary group of researchers working collaboratively to advance climate change related research in Canada and support Canadian climate policy and governance with evidence-based advice. In our work, we partner with a number of practitioners in the public and private sectors and with non-profit organizations to find practical solutions to climate-related challenges.

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Coast and Oceans Risk Communication Community of Practice (CORC CoP)

The CORC CoP was established to share best practices about risk communication. For example, how to effectively communicate risks to the public during an emergency situation. The CORC CoP has set up an active collaboration hub and online resources library.

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Climate Risks for Coastal Transportation Infrastructure Community of Practice (CRCTI CoP)

The Climate Risks for Coastal Transportation Infrastructure CoP was created to allow researchers and practitioners to discuss climate risks faced by the transportation sector in Canadian coastal communities. This CoP aims to become a national leader to increase the resilience of coastal communities. The CoP will also provide a platform for sharing best practices, lessons learned and addressing current research gaps.