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Advancing practical, evidence-based climate change research

The Climate Risk Research Group (CRRG) is an interdisciplinary team working to support climate change adaptation by providing evidence-based policy advice. We partner with practitioners in the public and private sectors and with non-profit organizations to find practical solutions to climate-related challenges.

The CRRG's areas of expertise include:

  • climate change adaptation;
  • climate finance and economic impacts of climate change;
  • flood risk policy and governance;
  • flood risk analysis and mapping (GIS);
  • public engagement and knowledge exchange.

Our community of practice: Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum

The Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum (CCRF) is a community of practice focused on strengthening resilience to climate change and hazards in Canada’s coastal regions. The CCRF was established in February 2018 to facilitate knowledge-sharing across sectors, institutions and disciplines and to identify policy and governance strategies for reducing and managing the consequences of natural hazards in Canada's coastal areas.

We host workshops and webinars, connect online through quarterly newsletters, blogs, social media posts and more. We have over 50 dedicated members and are continuously growing.

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Connect with us

We are always looking for public and private sector professionals, academic partners or talented students to join us in our CRRG research work. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a collaborator or to inquire about positions on our team.