Capstone Design at Canada's Most Innovative University

Capstone Design is the culmination of the undergraduate student experience, creating a blueprint for innovation in engineering design.

Supported by numerous awards, Capstone Design provides Waterloo Engineering students with the unique opportunity to conceptualize and design a project related to their chosen discipline.

A requirement for completion of their degrees, Capstone Design challenges students in teams of four to push their own boundaries, and apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and on co-op work terms.  It reinforces the concepts of team work, project management, research and development. 

Ground-breaking ideas leading to the creation of Athos, BufferBox, Intellijoint HIP, Myo armband and the Pebble smartwatch had their geneses in Capstone Design. 

Learn more about our current student projects. 

    1. Mar. 20, 2019Electrical & Computer Engineering Capstone Design Symposium2017 Electrical and Computer Engineering Design Project

      Electrical & Computer Engineering's Capstone Design Symposium features over 70 unique research projects, some of which include impactful technology to assist vision and hearing impaired persons, injured persons, and medical professionals. The incredible projects from Electrical and Computer Engineering students do not stop there, for more information, see the 2019 Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Design Projects page.

    2. Mar. 22, 2019Management Engineering Capstone Design Symposium Management Engineering Capstone Design Team

      Management Engineering's Capstone Design Symposium will showcase thoughtful and business savvy projects, both geared towards the individual (e.g. Gymy assists individuals with meeting their fitness goals), and towards the corporate customer (e.g. TestToad helps companies find willing test subjects within their desired demographic). There are many projects to discover, take a look at the 2019 Management Engineering Capstone Design Projects.

    3. Mar. 22, 2019Nanotechnology Engineering Capstone Design SymposiumNanotechnology Capstone Design Team

      Discover innovations from final year student research teams at Nanotechnology Engineering's Capstone Design Symposium. Students will demonstrate nano-sized solutions that deliver a big impact to global problems.

      For more information on all the research projects that will be presented, please see the 2019 Nanotechnology Engineering Capstone Design Projects page.

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