About Capstone Design

We take the theory learned in the classroom and practical things we've done on coop [work terms], and put it together to develop an idea that's our own.

Alison Lee, 4th year nanotechnology engineering student

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Ryan Denomme, Nanotechnology Engineering graduate and CEO, Nicoya Lifesciences

Managing your health via your smartphone and diagnostic tool from your pharmacy is the vision for Nicoya Lifesciences.  The company was launched by Waterloo Engineering graduate Ryan Denomme, who developed a unique home diagnostic tool that may one day help screen for cancer, monitor your heart and diagnose infectious diseases.

Nicoya’s lab-on-a-chip technology began as a fourth-year nanotechnology engineering project and was further developed during Denomme’s master’s thesis at Waterloo.

This is all about the consumerization of health care. In the long term, this could mean earlier diagnosis of diseases, better monitoring of chronic diseases, and better therapy management, all of which improve quality of life, patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs,” 

Ryan Denomme

Eric Migicovsky, Systems Design Engineering graduate, CEO and founder Pebble Technology

Eric credits Waterloo Engineering’s design projects for giving him the skills to create his Pebble Smartwatch that smashed kickstarter.com financing records in 2012. 

I can’t imagine what it’s like going through engineering without working on something like Waterloo’s fourth-year engineering projects.  If I hadn’t had that background where you’re working on short four-month schedules and building things, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now.” 

Eric Migicovsky