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Catering & Event Services is honoured to have served the University of Waterloo and the Kitchener/Waterloo Community for the past 24 years. We continually strive to provide efficient, friendly and courteous service designed to meet our clients’ expectations.  From award winning chefs to seasoned and dedicated service professionals, our team of highly experienced, service oriented people understands what it takes to make every catered event successful. 

  1. Mar. 17, 2017April Monthly Sandwich Feature


    Moroccan Couscous Salad

    Couscous, chick peas, raisins, coriander, ginger, carrot, red onion and parsley mixed with olive oil &  lemon juice


    Wasabi Beef

    Roast beef, radish, alfalfa, sweet pickled red onions & wasabi mayo on focaccia

    Grilled Chicken Bahn Mi

    Grilled chicken, cilantro, carrot and red cabbage slaw, chilies, lime juice and soy sauce on a baguette

  2. Feb. 24, 2017March Sandwich Package Featuremarch sandwich package


    Baby Kale and Arugula Salad

    Baby kale, arugula, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots and grape tomatoes with a creamy apple butter dressing


    Brisket with Salsa Verde

    House smoked beef brisket, salsa verde, bacon, lettuce & tomato on a baguette

    Spicy Salmon Salad

    Salmon, sesame cabbage slaw, roasted red peppers, cilantro and lemon juice on a multi-grain artisan bun

    Local Chicken

  3. Jan. 20, 2017New Menu Items in Sweet Temptations and Breakfast

    See the tempting new items under 'Sweet Temptations' and 'Breakfast'.  Our Chefs have been creating new items some featuring locally sourced ingredients smoked in house.

    Some of the items:

    Bistro Style Savoury Danish

    Mini Multi-grain Croissant with Smoked Salmon

    Mini Yogurt Parfait with fresh local fruit compote and granola

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