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Catering & Event Services is honoured to have served the University of Waterloo and the Kitchener/Waterloo Community for over 25 years. We continually strive to provide efficient, friendly and courteous service designed to meet our clients’ expectations.  From award winning chefs to seasoned and dedicated service professionals, our team of highly experienced, service oriented people understands what it takes to make every catered event successful. 

  1. Feb. 23, 2018March Monthly Sandwich Feature


    Kale and quinoa salad

    Kale salad with quinoa, diced mango, pomegranate & red peppers with a wild flower honey-champagne vinaigrette


    Catering Club Sandwich

    House smoked bacon, smoked turkey, lettuce & tomato with orange-pesto mayo on focaccia

    Portuguese Chicken

    Piri-Piri Sargent Farms chicken breast, arugula, gingered yogurt & roasted red peppers on a soft Portuguese roll

  2. Jan. 24, 2018Febuary Monthly Sandwich Feature


    Arugula with crumbled feta

    Arugula with crumbled feta, red onions, pecans, local greenhouse strawberries with a white balsamic and basil dressing


    Local Summer Sausage

    Local Summer Sausage (beef & pork), roasted red peppers, house mustard mayo on a potato bun

    Smoked turkey

    Smoked turkey, grilled fennel slaw and Havarti on triangle croissant bun

    Bacon and smoked cheddar

  3. Dec. 20, 2017January Monthly Sandwich Feature


    Purple Beet and potato salad

    Purple Beet and potato salad with horseradish dressing and crispy onions


    Tuna Salad Nicoise

    Tuna Salad Nicoise - olives, roasted pepper and hard boiled egg on a croiss'wich

    Smoked beef brisket with caramelized onion

    Smoked beef brisket with caramelized onions, apple butter and provolone cheese on a demi baguette

    Ham with cheddar cheese

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