Catering Chef -  Mark Meinzinger

Catering Chef

ext. 32313
Federation Hall

Mark started in the restaurant business in high school and hasn't looked back since.  Starting as a dishwasher he quickly displayed a passion for the buzz of restaurant work.  Once assisting in the kitchen he quickly moved up the ranks, he began his apprenticeship and worked under some of the best Chefs in the city.  A seasonal stint at Deerhurst resort gave Mark his first taste of high volume cooking.  He took what he learned there and applied it back to his line service life.  A tireless line cook at heart, Mark is always thirsting for the buzz of service.  Joining the University team in 2008, Mark spent his first 9 years at the University Club before moving on to become Catering Chef in 2017.  Mark is a dedicated professional, always happy to consult with you on menu and event ideas to make your dream come true.