Synthesis and Characterization of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Injection and non-injection synthesis of core and core/shell quantum dot structures (CdSe, CdSe/ZnS, CIS, CIS/ZnS etc), optoelectronic characterization, tuning of properties for photovoltaic and display applications. 

Nanofabrication Techniques

Top-down and bottom-up methods for processing nanowires (ZnO, Si, SiN, etc), charge transfer mechanisms at QD/NW interfaces, processing and characterization of graphene nanoparticles. 

Advanced Solar Cell Technologies

Development of material-specific fabrication processes for Si wafer-based and thin-film photovoltaic devices, prototyping, technology scaling, device characterization. 

Backplane Electronics for Flat Panel Displays

High speed backplanes with transistor circuits on spherical silicon, Development of hybrid transistor technology for pixel driving. 

Thin Films and Heterojunction Devices

Thinfilm deposition by RF-sputtering, PECVD, and LPCVD techniques (ZnO, Al-ZnO, a-Si, poly-Si, epi-Si etc.), formation of heterojunction for photovoltaic and photodetector applications. 

Quantum Dot-enabled Color-Patterning in Displays

Color-patterning by photon down-shifting quantum dots for micro-LED and OLED based displays,  processes for nano-particle embedment and layer integration. 

Smart Circuits Design and Implementation

Design of smart circuits for energy management, back-end electronics for photovoltaic systems, hybrid renewable systems. 

Improved Lamination Materials for Photovoltaic Modules

Development of new lamination schemes with quantum dot-enhanced glass/laminate interfaces, studies on photon down-shifting, enhancement of performance and stability. 

Safety Aspects in Nanomaterials Processing

Studies of safety and toxicity issues in nanomaterial processing environments, methodologies for large-scale synthesis, and influence of materials choice. 

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