The Centre for Advanced Photovoltaic and Display Systems (CAPDS) provides a wide range of services in micro/nano fabrication, materials/device characterization, and process design assistance to internal and external researchers, as well as industry. We can also provide training to long-term and repeat users. Services offered include:

Device processing

Thermal processing (junction formation, oxidation etc), Patterning and lithography, metallization, wafer dicing etc. 

Thin film deposition

Various thin films by PECVD, LPCVD, Sputtering (RF and dc), Evaporation (e-beam and thermal) etc.

Nano-materials processing

Synthesis of various quantum dot structures, layer embedment, fabrication of nanostructures etc. 

Materials characterization

Minority carrier lifetime mapping, Sheet resistivity and Hall, Ellipsometry, Surface profiling, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, UV-Vis IR spectrophotometry, photoluminescence etc. 

Device testing

Probe station I-V characterization, capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements, Quantum efficiency, Solar cell efficiency under AM1.5 solar simulator, Reflectivity measurements, Device stability etc. 

Photovoltaic Modules

Lamination of research-scale mini solar modules, testing and characterization. Please contact us for more details and special requests.