Thanks for visiting the CEWIL Resource Hub. This hub showcases the best practices and tools used across the nine types of work-integrated learning (WIL) adopted by CEWIL Canada, as well as the ways in which underrepresented populations are supported and successful in Canadian WIL programs. Work on this hub was funded by the Royal Bank of Canada's Future Launch program.

You can explore the Canadian WIL landscape by visiting the sections linked below:

Types of WIL

Learn more about the nine types of WIL recognized by CEWIL, all of which include an engaged partnership of an academic institution, a host organization and a student.

If you're interested in quickly comparing the nine types of WIL, visit our WIL comparison chart.

WIL for All

Learn more about examples of Canadian WIL that support underrepresented populations engaging in WIL or common challenges in building WIL opportunities.