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Who we are

We strive to advance research for global impact on the development of talent for a complex future.

The Work-Learn Institute conducts, facilitates, and shares the results of research into co-operative education and work-integrated learning using data from one of the world’s largest databases of student talent and a network of over 7,000 employers globally. Beyond thousands of student résumés, our database also stores all of our employer profiles, millions of job descriptions and records of employer-student interactions. The research reveals insights and is applied throughout Co-operative and Experiential Education's (CEE) programming to ensure we evolve to address the future world of work.

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What we do

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Conduct research on the role of co-op and work-integrated learning in the development of talent for the future of work

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Test innovations in work-integrated learning to adapt to the changing needs of students and employers

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Share data-derived insights through presentations and various forms of publication

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Engage with the work-integrated learning community including researchers, educators, employers, students and other WIL advocates