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Consulting services

At WxL, we specialize in equipping key stakeholders in work-integrated learning (WIL) with the precise knowledge and expertise needed to develop, evaluate, implement and innovate WIL programs effectively. 

With a focus on driving tangible outcomes and fostering sustainable growth, we empower you to navigate the complexities of WIL with confidence and precision, ensuring lasting success and impact in today's evolving educational landscape. Rooted in robust empirical research, our WxL consultants offer personalized, just-in-time support and advice tailored to your institution's unique needs and aspirations.

Our stakeholders

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Higher education

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and employers

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Governments and
policy makers

Our consulting process

Consulting stage(s) will vary depending on your aims and scope of work, but can be broadly categorized into three phases. We start with discussing your needs and specific context to meet you where you are at in your process.

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Assessment and strategy development

We assess your institution's current programs and readiness to establish WIL programs/experiences. This involves evaluating existing programs, identifying strengths and weaknesses and determining readiness factors. We collaborate closely with your team to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your institution's goals. 

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Customized solutions design

We design customized solutions to address specific needs identified during assessment. We tailor solutions to fit your institution's culture, resources, and objectives, ensuring maximum effectiveness and sustainability.

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Advising and ongoing support

Our experts are available on retainer to provide advice and ongoing support for your WIL initiatives. From program rollout to evaluation, our experts are available to advise on all aspects of WIL implementation.​We work closely with your team, and provide hands-on support to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles.

Our training topics

At WxL, we offer training programs based on requests from all stakeholders. We design our programs to elevate expertise and proficiency in key areas vital to WIL success. We are also available for keynote talks. Contact us to explore our comprehensive training and keynote offerings in these areas:

  • Investigating generational differences in WIL experiences (e.g., Gen Z)
  • Implementing quality WIL programs
  • Creating support systems for students
  • Engaging and cultivating sustainable employer relations
  • Developing employability skills/competencies
  • Creating innovative WIL experiences

Want to engage with us in consulting and/or training programs? Send us a message.

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