About Autonomoose

The Autonomoose is a Lincoln MKZ hybrid that has been equipped with a full suite of radar, sonar, lidar, inertial, and vision sensors.

Based on SAE International standards for automotive driving, the Autonomoose vehicle has powerful embedded computers in order to run a complete autonomous driving system. Researchers are currently working on custom autonomy software.

Specific Autonmoose projects include:

  • Improving self-driving in all whether conditions that are specific to Canada.
    • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in all weather conditions.
    • Autonomous maneuvering under extreme conditions.
  • Optimize self-driving for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
    • Power-management controllers for autonomous driving.
  • Provide methods to design safe, robust, computer-based controls for self-driving vehicles.
    • Feature-oriented engineering (FOE).
    • Runtime monitoring and reconfiguration infrastructure for autonomous driving.
    • Fault-tolerant electric/electronic (E/E) architectures for autonomous vehicles.
    • Functional safety for software and components of autonomous vehicle systems.