Four-seasons road mapping touted as WatCAR breakthrough for AVs

Monday, November 12, 2018

‘To our knowledge, nobody in the world is doing this,’ says researcher

WATERLOO, ONT. — A research project aimed at developing three-dimensional, high-definition mapping (3D HD) could give Ontario an edge in the race to develop autonomous vehicles.

The new technology would give self-driving cars functional capabilities to handle any type of weather, and would be marketed commercially without any proprietary rights.

“To our knowledge, nobody in the world is doing this,” Ross McKenzie, managing director
of the University of Waterloo Centre of Automotive Research (WatCAR), told Automotive News Canada. “Nobody has taken our one stepback approach to fill the gap we have identified. If this unfolds as projected, it will be a catalyst for additional connectedand autonomous-vehicle activity in the province and further development across other centres within Ontario.”

The four-year project, funded in part by a $5 million Ontario government grant, involves WatCAR, Waterloo Region’s Innovation Centre and Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation. Their proposal received funding approval in May as part of Ontario’s Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network.

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