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Current studies

The Centre for Child Studies is currently looking for participants for the following study:

Here's some feedback from children who have participated so far! More feedback from parents in our parent testimonials section!

  • "Cool. Awsome. Fun."
  • "I like it! It was fun!" - Olivia
  • "this was fun!" - Scott
  • "I had lots of fun! I wish I could come every day."
  • "I want to go here. I love it here."
  • "I had lots of fun!" - Abby
  • "I liked the tests you did with me!!"
  • "I love your senter because it teaches kid to learn new things! Good bye."
  • "This is osom!" - Hugh 7
  • "I had lots of fun here. I really like the treats. thank you for let me come here. I really like Angla. She is really fun." - Kelsey!!
  • "I love it here!" - Alexandra, age 8
  • "Good Job!" - Alex, age 8