Talks and workshops

Daniela is always happy to receive requests for to speak at community locations and events on a variety of topics related to early language and thinking development in children (0-5 years). Some of these talks have focused specifically on the lab's research, while others have been broader (e.g., Small Talk with Big Outcomes for Children, Keynote delivered at the annual Brain Awareness Night community event at the Urban Child Institute, Memphis). Daniela also regularly conducts longer presentations and workshops on the Language Use Inventory (LUI) that have ranged in length from 3-5 hours. Please email Daniela O'Neill directly to inquire about specific topics and dates. Below are some testimonials from past talks and workshops.

Daniela and her students are also engaged in a number of new initiatives in the community. Please see Community outreach to learn more about these!

Daniela is on twitter @daniela_oneill where she regularly curates and posts new research and information from around the world relevant to children's language, cognitive and social development of interest to parents, teachers, academics, and professionals working with children.

Feedback from talks on the Language Use Inventory

  • "Excellent speaker - interesting and insightful!"
  • "Loved the way it was organized."
  • "The presenter was extremely knowledgeable."
  • "Dr. O'Neill is very competent and informative...her knowledge represents necessary information for our profession. I give her 5 stars!."
  • "On behalf of Marion K. Salomon & Associates Inc., thank you for the wonderful presentation. The conference was a tremendous success, and the audience particularly enjoyed how the information was conveyed." - Sincerely, Marion K. Salomon, Executive Director
  • "On behalf of all of us who attended your presentation yesterday, I wanted to thank you for what was a wonderfully stimulating afternoon. We desperately needed a tool like the LUI and we hope to work with you to ensure it is widely utilized to help children and their families." Regards, Elaine Weitzman, Executive Director, The Hanen Centre.

Talks related to the lab's research on early language and stories

  • "My favourite workshop of the day. I found the information presented extremely interesting and insightful"
  • "Information strengthens my understanding that children's experiences are so key."
  • "Interesting information presented."
  • "Your research was so clearly communicated. Thank you!"
  • "Great to hear about research. New understanding of value of picture books."
  • "Thank you again for a GREAT lecture last night here in Stratford."
  • "Wow, stories are powerful!"
  • "Very interesting! Thanks so much"
  • "Very interesting."
  • "A new perspective on value of narrative storytelling. Could listen to sooo much more !! Wonderful exciting information."
  • "Amazing, amazing, amazing! Easy to apply this learning to my day to day programming."
  • "Very interesting -learned a ton! Wish it would have been longer."
  • "I'd like to hear more about this research!"
  • "Will use this with students. Great information and interesting research."
  • "Excellent & Relevant!!"
  • "Thank you so much for joining us tonight to discuss your work with our community. On behalf of the Professional Resource Centre I would would like to thank you for sharing your insights, passion and commitment towards your research. Please know that you are always welcome here and I look forward to future partnerships" - Samantha Burns