board games 


Working with a local elementary school, a Board Game Buddies program was developed by Daniela O'Neill and run with several teachers at the school for several years (except in 2020 due to Covid-19). The intention of the program was to provide early grade students, many of whom were learning English as a second language, with a fun opportunity to build their language skills in interaction with older students. This program took place during one 20 minute recess time weekly. It began with the older Grade 5 and 6 children (who volunteered to take part) learning how to play approximately 30 board games with playing times of approximately 10 minutes. Following this, for the remainder of the sessions, Grade 1 students were invited to drop-in and play the games with the older children. This activity fostered much language, social interaction, and laughter! It was amazing what we could do in 20 minutes!

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New information and materials are being developed and coming later in 2020 and 2021!