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The Language Use Inventory (LUI)

The value of picture books in fostering complex talk

Stepping into the minds and shoes of storybook characters

A link between storytelling ability and mathematical ability

Our study demonstrating a link between children's early storytelling abilities at age three and four and their mathematical ability two years later was featured in newspapers, magazines, and over 100 websites around the world! Here are some of the articles!

  • Apr. 14, 2020. Hannah Fry on BBC 6 Music’s The Maths of Life.

  • A mathematician considers the early signs of mathematical ability (PDF), Journal Club, Nature

  • Predicting mathematical ability in Devlin's Angle, American Mathematical Association (December 2007)
  • Good stories, good math in Science News, November 10, 2007
  • "Narrative skills linked to mathematical achievement" in Literacy Today (UK), December 2004
  • "It all adds up" in Psychology Today, November/December 2004 Issue (USA)
  • Science Update (USA - American Association for the Advancement of Science [AAAS]) Radio Interview, August 23, 2004
  • "Vruchtbare verhalen" in NRC Handelsblaad, August 14, 2004 (Netherlands)
  • "Geschichten, die sich rechnen" in FACTS, Issue August 5, 2004 (Switzerland)
  • Narrative skills linked to math prowess, Why Files (University of Wisconsin), August 5, 2004.
  • "Quasseln fur Algebra" in Gehirn & Geist, Issue 5 2004 (Germany)
  • The Vancouver Sun, July 28, 2004 (Canada) (Front page)
  • "Storytelling ability predicts math skill" in The National Post, July 28, 2004 (Canada)
  • The Globe and Mail, April 10, 2004 (Canada)

Busy toys

Board game outreach

Media interviews with Daniela O'Neill on topics related to early child development

  • November 2009: Prof. O'Neill is interviewed in an article in Canadian Family magazine by Angela Pirisi entitled Play date prep: Seven secrets to planning a drama-free get-together.
  • April 2008: Prof. O'Neill is interviewed in an article in Canadian Family magazine by Angela Pirisi entitled Guys n' dolls: Forget boy toys and girl toys. Here's how to find the best toy for your tot (PDF) .
  • September/Octember 2007 issue of Grand Magazine. Prof. O'Neill's work involving the development of peer-to-peer conversation in preschool-aged children was mentioned in an article entitled, “Gentle Nurturing,” about award-winning Early Childhood Education (ECE) teacher Dawn Russel of the Psychology Department’s Early Childhood Education Centre.
  • November/December 2006 issue of the Grand Magazineincludes an interview with Prof. O'Neill for an article entitled “Lasting play value in classic toys.”

Launch of the Canadian Early Childhood Language Project

mayor visiting lab

December 2, 2003: To help launch the Canadian Early Childhood Language Project, the Centre hosted a visit by Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr, Regional Chair Ken Seiling, and David Johnston, president of the University of Waterloo! It was a wonderful morning for the Centre, with many our research assistants helping out and several families present who have participated in the Canadian Early Childhood Language Project and other studies at the Centre. You can read about the visit in the uWaterloo Daily Bulletin. The visit was also featured in an article in the University Gazette .

Photo: From bottom left to right: Regional Chair Ken Seiling, Charlotte, Daniela O'Neill, Mayor Carl Zehr, Lucas, Ariana and uWaterloo President David Johnston.