Employees in front of the main office entrance

Child and research assistant playing with toysOur studies at the Centre for Child Studies take place in cheerfully decorated rooms that are child friendly and that put children at ease.

"The centre is very inviting and I felt comfortable having my child visit. My son clearly felt comfortable here also."

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Child and research assistant playing with toys

We use colourful toys and
interesting activities to make our studies like games for the children. We want children to find our studies enjoyable and fun to take part in.

"We love coming to help with your studies. Both of our girls have come out and they really enjoy all the activities and stories. Thank you for asking us to help."

Parent looking through a one-way mirrorIf your child is preschool-aged, we usually have parents watch and hear the sessions through a one-way mirror. However, with younger children, parents are usually in the same room with their child.

"Very impressed with the way my child was handled by Agnieszka. He is usually very shy and seemed to open up very quickly. Always enjoy watching the way the studies are carried out and take some learning away. Thank you."

The next two sets of photographs show two of our playrooms where we conduct the studies with children and their adjoining rooms from which parents can watch the session and any accompanying siblings can play. In 2009, we did a small renovation to add a third playroom to accomodate all the research going on at the Centre.

Playroom 1

Playroom 1

"A very friendly, relaxed Centre. I appreciated the welcoming atmosphere and professionalism!"

The adjoining parent and sibling room of playroom 1

Adjoining parent and sibling room

"I would suggest to any of my friends with children to take part in a study. It was easy to take part because there was space available for me with my other children to play. Very clean and friendly environment!"


Playroom 2

Playroom 2

"Really impressed with the tools you use to engage the children. My daughter really enjoyed the stories and the stickers."

The adjoining parent and sibling room of playroom 2

Adjoining parent and sibling room

"This experience gave me a rare opportunity to see how he behaves and thinks when I’m not around – very interesting! It also allowed me to see where he’s at academically and with his language development and perhaps where we can focus on at home. Thanks for the opportunity."

And a few more photographs of the lab!

The break and snack room

Break and Snack Room

"We enjoyed our visit. Thanks for coming in on a Saturday morning to accomodate us. I appreciated that you have organic snacks available."

The main office

Main Office

"The study was well organized and explained. We were all too glad to help out with this study."

Employees in front of the main office entrance

Main Office Entrance

"The directions by e-mail were super easy to follow and Clarissa has been very friendly. Thanks for the drink when we came in from the hot weather outside!"