Professor Ricardez-Sandoval named NSERC Canada Research Chair

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Luis Ricardez-SandovalProfessor Ricardez-Sandoval was recently named NSERC Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Multiscale Modelling and Process Systems. Professor Ricardez-Sandoval’s CRC is focused on developing new computational tools that can aid in the design of novel products and systems for emerging applications in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors through the use of advanced process systems techniques and modelling methods such as multiscale modelling.  

Professor Ricardez-Sandoval is at the frontier of developing novel algorithmic frameworks for optimal design and operations management in emerging manufacturing and energy systems. In particular, Professor Ricardez-Sandoval is producing new computational tools that will innovate the manufacturing of high valuable (fine-scale) materials under typical conditions encountered in advanced manufacturing facilities (e.g. external perturbations and uncertainty in the system’s parameters). Also, Professor Ricardez-Sandoval is developing new designs for efficient and affordable CO2 capture and clean power generation technologies that can mitigate CO2 emissions, and improve the design and operation of industrially-relevant chemical processes such as production of carbonaceous or thin film materials for mobile applications. The tools and methodologies developed by Professor Ricardez-Sandoval can be used as cost-effective computer-aided design tools to realize the manufacturing of high valuable materials and products and to determine the technical viability of new emerging technologies in the manufacturing and energy sectors that can address pressing issues affecting society such as global warming.

This article originally appeared on the Chemical Engineering Department website

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