New scenario: Port of entry comparison model

Friday, January 4, 2008
by Peter Johnson

I’ve added a new scenario to the Tourism Scenarios section. This is the second model, and is a variation on my first model. This model, titled the “Port of Entry Destination Comparison Model”, allows you to compare the effects of varying tourist port of entry on the total visitation to Lunenburg, Baddeck, and Digby. I hope to implement a function to allow you to pick from a greater range of destinations in future versions of the model. Anyways, please check out the model.

I’m also looking for feedback from those involved with tourism planning, as to what types of scenarios could be captured with a tool such as this. If you are interested in helping, please visit the surveys section of this website, and fill out a survey. The results of this survey will help guide my further development of this tool. Also, as always, I caution that these models are not intended to be predictions, just a way to experiment with different dynamics.