Computational Multiphysics Research Group

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  1. Dec. 1, 2018COMPHYS member James Lowman completes his MASc degree

    COMPHYS graduate student member James Lowman (supervisor MA Ioannidis and NM Abukhdeir) is completes his MASc thesis entitled "Development of a predictive model for the VAPEX process" (link).

  2. Oct. 29, 2018Prof. Gostick gives plenary talk at CSChE 2018

    Prof. Gostick gives "Emerging Leaders in Chemical Engineering" plenary talk at the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering conference in Toronto. This plenary session recognized the contributions of three early-career researchers and highlighted their vision and leadership in their respective field of chemical engineering.

  3. Oct. 1, 2018COMPHYS member Tanyakarn Treeratanaphitak completes her PhD

    COMPHYS graduate student member Tanyakarn Treeratanaphitak (supervisor NM Abukhdeir) is awarded her PhD. Her thesis is entitled "Diffuse Solid-Fluid Interface Method for Dispersed Multiphase Flows" (link).

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