CI and CM Community of Practice

NEW! Effective January 2024, the Continuous Improvement & Change Management Community of Practice (CI&CM CoP) and Project and Portfolio Management Community of Practice (PPM CoP) have partnered to create the People, Process and Projects Community of Practice

Our goal, through the partnership, is to lessen communication fatigue, repeated content fatigue and provide a valuable ‘one stop shop’ experience to all our members. Continuous Improvement, Change Management and Project & Portfolio Management will continue to be the main subjects for the combined communities.

To learn more about this new and improved CoP, please contact Samantha Murray, Shona Dunseith or Connie van Oostveen.  

Thank you.

Sam, Shona, Connie

Continuous Improvement (CI) and Change Management (CM) Community of Practice (CoP)

The Continuous Improvement (CI) and Change Management (CM) Community of Practice (CoP), is open to all Staff and Faculty members interested in learning about CI and CM concepts, tools and application. Through strong and collaborative relationships, the CoP’s core objective is to engage campus and build a community of like-minded individuals with the purpose of expanding CI and CM knowledge and tools across campus including affiliated institutions. Together, community members will have opportunities to exchange ideas, lessons learned, best practices and share advice on related work. 


The CI CM Community of Practice will enable integration and proficiency of Continuous Improvement and Change Management methodologies to strengthen organization effectiveness and agility.


The CI CM Community of Practice will promote and support a culture of Continuous Improvement with effective Change Management through collaboration, skills development, continuous learning, and sharing of knowledge and resources.

  1. Apr. 19, 2021New Community of Practice launched!

    The Office of the Associate Provost, Human Resources is excited to announce the successful launch of a University wide Continuous Improvement (CI) and Change Management (CM) Community of Practice. To further develop institutional CI/CM expertise, the CoP aims to provide a supportive space for those seeking to learn more about CI and CM or, those who are already working on similar initiatives.   

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