Online Courses

49. Is there anyone available to help me obtain permission to use copyright-protected materials? 

The W Store obtains copyright-related permissions for printed courseware; the Library obtains permissions for Course Reserves material; and the Centre for Extended Learning obtains permissions for fully online courses. For other uses, you may obtain permission yourself by emailing or writing a letter to the copyright owner.

46. Why is there sometimes a fee for copyright-protected materials used in courseware?

Copyright holders and creators of works have the right to charge a fee for the use of their materials unless the use is otherwise covered by fair dealing, another exception, or a Library licence. These fees vary, usually based on the number of pages or excerpts copied and the number of copies made. All copyright charges are collected on behalf of the copyright holders and remitted to them.

45. If I have permission to put something on one of Waterloo's learning management systems (such as LEARN), does this mean I may also include it in my courseware?

If the copy posted to a learning management system is covered by fair dealing, it is likely that the copy can be included in courseware without permission as well. If, however, the copy posted to a learning management system is permitted under a licence agreement between Waterloo and the publisher, it is necessary to consult the licence agreement to determine whether a copy may also be included in courseware.

43. Do I need to obtain permission to use copyright material in my course packs?

Under fair dealing, short excerpts of copyright-protected materials may be included in course packs without permission. See the Fair Dealing Advisory for details. In addition some materials covered by licences that the Library has for electronic resources may be included in course packs.

42. What are licences for electronic resources?

The University of Waterloo Library has contracts with a variety of vendors and publishers that provide the campus with thousands of electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books, etc.) costing millions of dollars per year.

40. What kind of print materials can be placed on Course Reserve? 

  • Personal materials of instructors, for which they own the copyright (e.g., assignment questions/solutions).  
  • Original print books, textbooks, legally obtained DVDs and CDs, etc.

  • Courseware for the current academic term.

38. Is Course Reserves permitted to scan articles or chapters and put them on electronic reserve for students in my course?

Yes. In many cases, works may be scanned and posted under fair dealing or licence terms without the need to obtain permission. When permission is required, this process can take several weeks. When there is a fee for permission, the Library will usually be able to absorb the cost as long as it is reasonable.