More information about the copyright notice in LEARN

Starting December 16, 2020, a pop-up copyright notice titled "Keep Copyright in Mind" will be placed in LEARN. The notice is intended to increase awareness about copyright responsibilities when teaching and to provide links to the help available within the University.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Copyright Notice

Why is this notice in LEARN?

As noted in the Provost's July 27 memo, Update on copyright and fair dealing at the Federal Court of Appeal, the University continues to "focus on Copyright and Fair Dealing awareness and education to support broad uptake of compliance by instructors, students, and the overall University community." As LEARN is one of the main places where instructors upload third-party copyright protected content it was a clear choice for improving awareness and education around copyright responsibilities when teaching.

How often will the copyright notice appear?

The notice will appear once per term, approximately two weeks ahead of the next term. The notice will continue to appear in LEARN until you click the 'Close' button on the notice.

Where should I send my feedback?

You can send feedback about the notice to the co-chairs of the Copyright Advisory Committee (Beth Namachchivaya or Nickola Voegelin) or fill in our anonymous feedback form.

I want to check my understanding of copyright. Where should I get started?

We hope that you'll find that the Guide for Instructors and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries' Copyright modules (7 modules, an average of 5 minutes long a piece) helpful. If you have any questions we're here to help.

What help is available to clear copyright in my course materials?

The Services for copyright in teaching page outlines the services on campus that will clear copyright for course materials on your behalf. You can also email with your copyright questions.