Research stories in society, culture, and governance

Researchers receive Canada Foundation for Innovation award to establish Social Interaction, Language and Culture Laboratory (SILC).

SILC will house state-of-the-art video recording equipment, workstations, and data analysis software. It will support research on multilingual interaction in the Faculty of Art.

Dementia research gets a boost with new Schlegel Research Chair

With nearly two decades of research experience, Carrie McAiney has been appointed the Schlegel Research Chair in Dementia. McAiney hopes to change the way people view dementia and to challenge the stigma that surrounds the diagnosis.

Novel therapy offers new hope for social anxiety

Researchers at Waterloo have determined that people with social anxiety disorder benefit greatly from group therapy that targets the negative mental images they have of themselves and others.

Researcher determines that highly skilled immigrants are drawn to the U.S.

Faculty of Arts professor,Mikal Skuterud, has uncovered a difficult truth:university-educated immigrants who come to Canada dont earn as much as immigrants who live and work in the U.S.