Manufacturing and devices

Hands holding a clay model.

» Improving efficiencies and reducing costs in the automotive sector

» Conducting cutting-edge research in radio frequency (RF) technologies including RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), miniature RFID, wireless intelligent systems, filters and multiplexers, superconductivity, novel materials, computer-aided circuit diagnosis, simulation, and modelling

» Developing intelligent transportation systems resulting in lower fatality rates and increased comfort through improved traffic management and next-generation electric vehicles

» Pioneering corrective devices to treat disease and illness, including contact lenses and non-invasive drug delivery methods

» Developing assistive technologies (e.g., wearable sensors) to promote independence and work-related health, reduce the risk of injury, assess mobility of older adults, and guide clinical decision-making

» Collaborating to build next-generation telescope and satellite technologies that will provide unprecedented understanding of the earth and furthest points of the visible universe

» Developing a system to handle minute volumes of liquid for analysis in a variety of applications

» Helping managers in manufacturing make tough decisions more confidently, boost productivity, lower costs, and reduce transport time

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