Health and well-being

Group of women in a fitness centre.

Read about Waterloo's involvement with the newly established KW4Health Ontario Team, one of 13 additional Ontario Health Teams across Ontario announced on November 17.

» Addressing key health challenges in the aging population, including the provision of health services such as geriatric care and rehabilitation, and management of age-related conditions in primary and long-term care

» Developing new modelling approaches to characterize the morphology, physiology, and mechanics of both diseased and healthy tissue, and to localize and grade the severity of malignancies, occlusions, and other abnormalities

» Identifying both natural and synthesized compounds that serve as therapeutics for conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, and infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses

» Leading mathematical, statistical, and computational research into brain activity

» Improving performance of diagnostic equipment used in healthcare settings at lower cost

» Studying the national and international significance of health policy in Canada (e.g., ethical and structural considerations of disability and accessibility)

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