Mathematical sciences and computer science

» Applying mathematical theories to human-machine interaction, cyber-physical systems, and artificial intelligence

» Designing fast algorithms and memory-efficient data structures to improve software performance

» Modelling complex systems ranging from the smallest units of light and matter to the behaviour of black holes, galaxies, and large-scale structure in the universe

» Analyzing the processes underpinning technological innovation including implementation, diffusion, adaptation, and the socio-economic ramifications of technology

» Focusing on mathematical and statistical problems, ranging from conceptual foundations of mathematical logic and probability to applied issues in econometrics, finance, and health

» Conducting research at centres and institutes such as Waterloo’s Centre for Computational Mathematics in Industry and Commerce, Institute for Computer Research, Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research, and Institute for Quantum Computing, as well as mathematical, medicine, and biology research labs

» Advancing statistical models and methods for analyses in finance and insurance

» Creating innovative methods for the rigorous and efficient design of studies for clinical and population health research

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