AI, Ethics, and Warfare Series

Policy Brief Series

The Waterloo.AI Institute, in partnership with Dr. Bessma Momani and Jean-François Bélanger from the Department of Political Science, were pleased to host a series of webinars exploring the ethics of artificial intelligence and automatic warfare. Each webinar explored a different aspect of AI and warfare, bringing together both technical and policy experts to discuss the big questions, concerns, and developments in the field. The series was developed into a digital series by the Centre for International Governance Innovation in 2022.

You can find the webinar recordings on the Waterloo.AI Institute's youtube channel

In addition to the webinar series and the digital essay series, several students participated in a workshop on the topic of AI, ethics, and warfare and completed the following policy brief publications:

Rebaz Kursheed (2023) Canada Needs to Develop Policy on the Use of AI-Based Weapons   

Frederick Okello & Maral Niazi (2023) Running out of Time for the Desecuritization of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS): What Canada Must do to Resurrect the Stalemate in CCW and GGE Talks 

Maral Niazi & Frederick Okello (2023) GAC's Role in Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision-Making Governance 

Stefan Venceljovski (2023)  The Need for a Canadian Institute for AI Research and Development to Solve the Lack of Cross-Discipline Communication in the STEM and Arts Fields

Stefan Venceljovski (2023) The Potential and Risk of Artificial Intelligence in Conflict Areas and War Zones to Aid in Targeting and Eliminating Potential Enemy Combatants 

Roman Vysochanskyy, Halyna Padalko & Abigal Ollila (2023) Information Warfare in Canada: Countering AI-backed Misinformation, Disinformation and Malinformation (MDM) Surrounding the Russian Invasion of Ukraine 

Rebecca Dragusin (2023) Mapping the Path to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Regulation in Canada with a Focus on Countering Unintended Warfare Uses of AI

Rebaz Khursheed (2023) Use of AI in Crime Prediction Algorithms: Ethical and Legal Implications

Ashley Ferreira (2023) Implications of Explainable Artificial Intelligence to the Ethics of Automated Warfare